Isabel LaRosa Drops New EP

Just as she wraps up a sold-out nationwide tour with pop sensation Nessa Barrett, critically acclaimed indie artist Isabel LaRosa has released her new EP, YOU FEAR THE GOD THAT LOVES YOU.
Featuring the viral track, “more than friends,” YOU FEAR THE GOD THAT LOVES YOU officially drops on March 24.  LaRosa will conclude her tour with Nessa Barrett the following night – March 25 – at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.
“This EP follows the story of a girl growing up in a religious household,” shares LaRosa. “She goes through the motions of new love and heartbreak, intertwined with grief and guilt. It’s structured so that the beginning of the EP is the most innocent and lighthearted part, and by the end, it reaches the darkest part in her story.”
In addition to “more than friends” – which beautifully captures the frustration of being in a friendship that you wish were more – LaRosa’s new EP includes the songs “butterflies,” “i don’t forgive you,” and “without you.”  In succession, these songs take the listener through the emotional journey of a failed relationship – from the excitement that comes from first meeting to the anger that comes from breaking up.
The EP culminates with “praying,” during which LaRosa encapsulates what it’s like to grow up in a strict, religious household.
“The environment starts to feel suffocating as you want to rebel more as a young adult,” shares LaRosa. “The song describes the shame and guilt that you feel and the fear that comes with thinking you’re making the wrong decisions, and God will know.” The official music video for “praying” drops on March 31.
Even with the release of YOU FEAR THE GOD THAT LOVES YOULaRosa is probably still buzzing from the success of her single, “i’m yours,” and debut EP, i’m watching you.
Since its release in late 2022, “i’m yours” has amassed 200+ million streams, 15+ million longform video views, and 770+ million shortform video views. The sound has been used by breakout influencers like Nessa Barrett, as well as Huddy, Emma Norton, and Kayla Nicole. Of the track, Billboard raved, “On “i’m yours,” Isabel LaRosa leans into the wooziness, allowing her vocals to sway back and forth between the more urgent verses and the surrendered vibe of the chorus. The result is moody yet beguiling.”
Across all her releases, LaRosa has garnered nearly 300 million streams and 800 million shortform video views. LaRosa’s music has been featured on flagship Spotify playlists like Today’s Top Hits, Pop Sauce, Fresh Finds, Pop All Day, The Pop List, Pop Rising and Fresh Dance Pop.
You can experience LaRosa’s captivating live show as it has just been announced that she will perform at The Road To The Great Escape in Dublin on May 9, at The Courtyard Theatre (hosted by Radio 1’s Abbie Mac) in London on May 10, at The Great Escape on May 11, and at this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL.
Born in Annapolis, MD, LaRosa was always surrounded by music. Her father, a jazz musician, regularly took her to the jazz clubs for open mic nights, where he played the saxophone and her brother played guitar. She often sang alongside them.
LaRosa began writing songs with her brother in elementary school and from there, a creative duo was formed. The two still write and produce music together in their childhood home.
At just 18 years old, LaRosa has already made a name for herself in contemporary music, having inked a deal with Slumbo Labs/RCA Records.