Ayoni Reveals Sophomore Single from The Vision EP

Bajan singer and multi-instrumentalist Ayoni offers another tantalising glimpse into her upcoming EP with the new single “Before I Prosper” – following on from the stunning “You Said I Love You Too Soon.”
An electro-pop powerhouse with her own unique soundscape, curating her style with a talent for technical production, a series of synths and metallic production elements dance over “Before I Prosper” pushing the boundaries of the genre. A truly dynamic single, the changing paces blend moments of earnest quietness next to those with all the energy of a pop bop, with Ayoni’s shining vocal talent at its core. Acknowledging a lack of clarity, Ayoni delicately enables the anger and frustration of humanity in the track. Diving into disclosure, she finds healing through honouring her growth in the metaphorical darkness that ultimately leads to the light.
Born in Barbados but now based in LA, Ayoni grew up bouncing around Singapore, Indonesia and America – something she frequently draws on to guide her musical journey as both a young, Black woman and an immigrant. Building a fanbase via beautiful singles like “If You Leave” and “The Patriots,” Ayoni’s acclaimed debut project Iridescent saw her break through with a brilliant exploration of the ups and downs of blossoming into her full self. Taking part in the Black Lives Matter movement with the poignant “Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth),” the 2020 single cemented Ayoni’s status as a bold new artist unafraid to confront raw truths in her music.
Racking up millions of streams and co-signs coming in strong from the likes of V Magazine, Ones To Watch, Clash, Essence, Paper, Popsugar, Earmilk, NPR, and Euphoria, Ayoni proved her potential as a multi-faceted creative when she co-produced and featured on Ricky Reed’s “No Stone” with Dirty Projectors.
Continuing to push sonic boundaries by infusing her moody and ethereal pop sound with a beautiful adaptation of island soul, Ayoni is set to break new ground as a rising pop prospect. With Ayoni’s new project, The Vision EP, soon to come in August, keep your eyes hooked on her.
You can experience Ayoni’s transformative performances as it has just been announced that she will perform in Los Angeles at the coveted School Night on July 11, as well as join acclaimed artists like Khruangbin, Haim, The Roots, Sheryl Crow, The Flaming Lips, and Gary Clark Jr. at The Big Climate Thing in New York on September 16 – 18. The Big Climate Thing is a three-day concert featuring an eclectic, multi-generational lineup of artists and programming, immersive on-site activations, and curated content. Its goal is to raise awareness, accountability, and action, and to inspire real-time solutions surrounding the global climate crisis by connecting to concertgoers through the transformative power of music.