Chel Releases Video for ‘Nasty Woman’

Last month, powerhouse singer/songwriter and body positive model, Chel, released her instantly celebrated single, “Nasty Woman.” 

An anthem for every woman who has been made to feel inferior, “Nasty Woman” musically expresses both the resilience and the exhaustion of women who are endlessly fighting for equality. 

As Hollywood Life describes, “Chel’s ‘Nasty Woman’ kicks down the door, shatters the glass ceiling and looks to burn the patriarchy down to ashes.”

Now, Chel is releasing the official video for “Nasty Woman,” which officially drops on November 11.  

“Conceptually, I wanted the video to represent several things,” shares Chel.  

“I started it off dressed as a young girl at a dinner table with a shadow of a person trying to push and pull her into Lady-like positions. I wanted this to represent society’s expectations for women as we grow from young girls, into adults. A big part of the music video is featuring other women and men in support of women saying why they are nasty. I wanted that nasty to symbolize strength. I also wanted the performance scene to be in protest to show that we are not backing down from this fight until we are equal. I wanted this video to not be about me, but about the movement and I tried to do that in the most moving way.”

Born in Springfield, Illinois, Chel began taking music lessons at five years old. Her father, a dedicated music lover, constantly played music in the house; and her uncle, a musician, regularly let her come over and sing with his band. 

Though Chel was dedicated to pursuing a life in music, her journey proved full of unexpected obstacles. For most of her life, Chel was told that she did not have the looks or the body type to succeed in the music industry. When an opportunity came along in St. Louis, people laughed. Chel was bullied online. Mocked. Taken advantage of. Stolen from. Chel had every reason to give up. Instead, she prevailed, and has since become a role model and body positive ambassador for droves of young women. 

“I’m most proud of the fact that I didn’t give up,” says Chel.

“When I finally got the opportunity to make music while living in St. Louis, it felt like fate. People on the internet were pretty mean when I first started posting videos, but I kept going. I performed shows to empty audiences, and I kept going. I had people laugh in my face and talk behind my back, making jokes about what I was trying to do, and I kept going. I had countless people hurt me along the way and I kept going. I moved across the country to a place where I knew no one and had nothing waiting for me and I kept going. Through all the ups and downs, I kept going. Music is my passion and always has been. I have a deep feeling in my soul that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I absolutely love it. And, I keep going.”

Today, Chel has over one million loyal followers on Facebook and a tribe of over 100,000 on Instagram. Her music videos have amassed around 30 million views. She has been featured in Billboard, Sports Illustrated IG, Celebmix, Groknation, Galore, Eighteen21, and Riptide. Her brand endorsements include FabFitFun, FashioNova, GitiOnline, and Good American. She has also appeared as a runway model during New York Fashion Week and Anthropology in L.A.  



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