New Single from DENM!

DENM, the San Diego-raised musician with the laid-back attitude and low-maintenance look, is releasing his newest track, “Life’s Too Short.” It’s the first of four singles from his upcoming album, dropping this summer.

Listen to “Life’s Too Short” here.

Based in Huntington Beach, DENM has played in a handful of indie bands, collaborated on tracks for major pop stars, and produced for likeminded bands and artists like Clean Spill.  But, it’s his own sound – a uniquely infectious blend of Rock, R&B, and Electropop – that makes DENM truly stand out in a cluttered musical landscape.

In 2015, DENM released his first single, “Lit.” Pop Crush called the song an “irresistible debut single” and a “garage house-y ode to hedonism and the rush of infatuation.”  Within a month of its release, “Lit” racked up nearly half a million streams and cracked the Top 10 on both Hype Machine and Spotify’s New & Hot Electronic Charts.

Now, after nearly giving up on music, DENM is back with “Life’s Too Short,” which was co-written and produced by Rock Mafia.

“I started writing ‘Life’s Too Short’ at a really low point in my life,” shares DENM. “I was ready to give up on the dream that I’d worked so hard to achieve. So, just as a form of therapy, I wrote a song about how life is too short – how it all goes by so fast. Then, I decided to change my mindset. I told myself that I’d be alright. That whatever will be, will be.”

After playing “Life’s Too Short” for Rock Mafia, they instantly signed DENM as an artist, writer, and producer. One may never know if it was because of his change in mindset, or simply because of his raw, undeniable talent.  But, as DENM says, “It’s all about timing. I was in the right place at the right time.”