The Luka State Drop Rockin’ Debut Album

If there were a modern incarnation of the British Invasion, it would undeniably include The Luka State. 

Comprised of Conrad Ellis (voice, guitar), Sam Bell (bass, voice), Jake Barnabas (drums) and Lewis Pusey (guitars), The Luka Sate is one of the UK’s most exciting up and coming Rock and Roll bands, having recently signed to Shelter Records/BMG.  

The band is set to release their highly anticipated debut album, Fall In Fall Out, which features the hit singles “Feel It,” “Bury Me,” and “[Insert Girls Name Here].” 

Fall In Fall Out officially drops on January 29 via AntiFragile Music. 

The Luka State’s four members all hail from Winsford in Cheshire – a town known for salt mining, as well as the fact that it sits halfway between Liverpool and Manchester. “Hence,” as Ellis points out, “every kid in town grew up wanting to be a footballer or a pop star.”

In 2020, The Luka State released their first single, Feel It, which was mixed by writer/producer Tarek Musa (Circa Waves, The Big Moon). The rip-roaring track introduced audiences to Ellis’s soaring vocals, complemented brilliantly by the band’s raw energy and sheer musicianship. Watch the accompanying video for “Feel It” here

With momentum from the popularity of “Feel It,” the band then released “Bury Me” and “[Insert Girls Name Here]” the videos for which are coming soon. 

In the 12 months the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Luka State played nearly 70 shows around the UK.  To date, the band has amassed over six million streams on Spotify. 

“The feeling you get when you listen to The Luka State is just like being in a sweaty underground club, feet stuck to the floor from the spilt beer and your ears ringing from the guitars,” shares Carl Stubner, CEO of Shelter Records. “When you throw in the stadium size hooks on this record, we couldn’t pass up the chance to be a part of reminding everyone the magic of that awaits when bands like this hit the stage again. This record and this band are that reminder.”

At their heart, The Luka State tell stories. But it’s their real-life chemistry and natural camaraderie that’s attracted attention thus far. Indie London recognized their stadium sized swaggerwhile Vulture Hound proclaimed them the epitome of modern rock-n-roll. 

“We are all brothers in this band,” shares Ellis. “We’re ecstatic about the release of this album, and we can’t wait to get back out on the road.”


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