California-based pop duo, JUICYPEAR, have been dishing up their tasty tunes throughout the second half of 2020, and it’s no surprise that music fans are enthusiastically eating them up. 

In August, the band left us hungry for more after releasing their lauded debut single, “Golden Sky,” which Wolf in a Suit called “catchy and playful musical gem.” Then, in September, JUICYPEAR released their sophomore single, “Rollercoaster,” as well as its accompanying video. 

Now, the band is dropping their third single, “Caught Up,” an dance-worthy ditty that is sure to leave you feeling a little lighter at the end of an undeniably heavy year. 

“Caught Up” officially drops on October 30. 

“I believe every music lover has had a day where the right song perks them up, comforts them, or transports them into another world,” says Jasmine Mayeda, who formed JUICYPEAR with her husband, Jacob.  

“Music has a way of getting to peoples’ hearts without their permission. It comes in under the closed doors and the cracks in the floorboards to move us, sometimes to tears. We wrote ‘Caught Up’ with that thought in mind – the thought of being caught up in a moment, swept up in a daze, transported to a place where you can feel happy, uplifted, and free from the weight of the world.”

Jasmine and Jacob were both born and raised in the South Bay area of southern California. The story of their ultimately serendipitous union has all the makings of a Hallmark movie, filled with heartrending twists and turns and ups and downs and missed opportunities. The two married in April of 2019 and live happily in South Bay with their rambunctious 8-month old puppy, Gibson

“Caught Up” perfectly showcases JUICYPEAR’s ability to seamlessly blend elements of pop, neo-soul, R&B, and EDM, and highlights Jasmine’s unforgettable vocal tone, which sounds like it was lovingly caramelized in buttery brown sugar and topped with a honey glaze. 

Inspired by artists like Pharrell, Lianne La Havas, Dua Lipa, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, and H.E.R., JUICYPEAR is part of AESTHETYK, founded by music industry veteran, Matt Ingle.

Ingle created AESTHETYK as a way to offer emerging songwriters and musicians an opportunity for incubation, helping them cultivate a signature and meaningful sound, as well as brand and ethic for a mass audience.

“There’s nothing to not like about Jacob and Jasmine,” shares Ingle.

“Their affection for life and for each other as newlyweds is as joyfully-infectious as their sound. I get bored with pop music pretty quickly, but from the moment I heard their first couple of songs in late 2019, it’s been impossible for me to grow tired of them. JUICYPEAR’s ‘FutureDiscoPop’ vibe—combined with their sweet and accessible personalities—will make them many people’s new favorite band over the next few months and beyond.”